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all seem to say. throw cares away

sooooo...i haven't written for a few show is about the most annoying thing ever to come into being..especially since i couldn't walk for 3 days and missed any opportunity of getting a good running crew don't get me wrong...i love doing shows...i love working under pressure...but when there are about 8 of us who are absolutely stressed beyond belief and you put stuff like politics, friend issues, old problems in the mix then we all start yelling and its bad....but..nonetheless..i know i'm going to go for this whole week..stay as late as everyone...and work my ass off...i dunno...i guess you'll put up with a lot to do what you love..

i missed marching band...summit won...yay...yay for the freshman team too cus they won...

o i sprained my ankle in gym on wednesday..and i couldn't walk for wed, thurs, and friday..i could walk yesterday...and i can walk just hurts..and i limp..

friday juan, michael, and anna who are the coolest came over because i couldn't get out of my rock..and juan and i made many mini movies with possessed baby dolls and anna's camera phone...juan michael and i battled it out for crusin the world titles..and anna and michael played with my disgustingly old computer...we also ate tacos...courtesy of my mom..who is cool...yea..

um..saturday i had crew...and since i got up late and got there late i was sure i was gonna get in trouble...but i didn't cus i couldn't walk...after crew i went to dinner and friday night lights with anna, brian, and tim clayton...

-if you can find me a practically orgasmic brownie..i will dance for you
-haha that was funny
"maybe thats why we're laughing"
ouch OUCH i just got SERVED
-tim..what are you doing behind my head
oo i'm almost there
-can you explain to me sunglasses in a movie theatre??

o goodness i do love them peoples...there were these like...7th grade girls..who were snooty like woah..and they were trying to be cool and make fun of us..and they looked at tim and brian throughout the whole was quite quite quite hilarious...

and today i didnt do much..i went "shopping" with my mom and sister..and got shoes..and a bunch of stuff from claires..cus i had a gift certificate..and now i'm going to go do homework...

pahartay for me

hahahahaaha about the mood..i'm not really high..i just like watching a little mouse thing have a joint in its cracks me up
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